About Us

DrMap™ is a medical wellness consulting and management solution provider originating from Singapore.

The first of its kind, it is a revolutionary global brand development founded through the ability to create a sustainable and profitable use of integrative healthcare principles.

DrMap™ Vision

A firm believer of the age-old saying, prevention is better than cure, DrMap™ aims to serve the community by bringing forth accessibility of the complete know-how of holistic well-being, to clinics, hospitals and real estate members looking to integrate pre-emptive wellness into their development.

DrMap™ Mission

To provide a multi-disciplinary platform through evidence-based research, for existing and new medical clinics, wellness centers, and hospitals – catering bespoke solutions in the areas of set-up, management, marketing, process and workflow, and other healthcare-related needs for all partnered providers.

Partner with Us

An advantage of partnering with DrMap™ for your healthcare management requirements is our customized solutions based off trademarked verified medical applied processes and protocols; professional and skilled staff; and cost effectiveness.